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hypnobirthing for a calmer birth


Come and learn hypnobirthing at a time and place that suits your your busy schedule or pocket.  The course content is the same, the delivery is different.  With the bespoke course we teach in person all the elements within the course with plenty of time for personal questions. On the group course you will be supplied with pre and post course information to read at your leisure.  All the hypnobirthing techniques will be taught in person regardless of which type of course you chose. All courses are intended for mum and her birth partner.

Attend this course to learn all the techniques of hypnobirthing - to aid a calmer and more in control labour experience. Hypnobirthing reduces the likelihood of feeling the need for pain-relieving drugs.  The perfect way to also get your partner actively and helpfully involved.

Whether you are planning a birth at home, in hospital or midwife-led unit – learning hypnobirthing techniques in a one to one setting, with a qualified teacher will make a positive difference to your experience.

This course, will be particularly beneficial for anyone feeling nervous about the forthcoming birth or a mum looking for a more positive and different birth experience from her first. 

There are many benefits to be gained from attending this course.


Start whenever it suits you - from 16 weeks.


Learn techniques and knowledge to enable you to;

Feel more confident in labour

Give your partner a more positive, useful & involved role

Experience a calmer, more comfortable birth

All based on sound & trusted research





This course provides up to date information, teaches skills and has the sole aim to inspire and bring about confidence in both yourself and the birthing process.

It has been designed to perfectly complement to your regular ante-natal classes.

*The tutors training programme has been accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.

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"As first time parents, my partner and I wanted to have our baby at the local birth unit which had very limited pain relief options; this led to us learning about Hypnobirthing. It made so much logical sense. Remove the fear, let your body do what it was designed to do and your birth experience will be easier. I started to see birth in a different light and after practising the relaxation techniques I was excited when the day finally arrived. I stayed calm, breathed mindfully and concentrated on not tensing my muscles. To my surprise it worked, I ended up giving birth with a labour time of just 3hrs 15minutes. I am convinced that if more people follow this amazing birth concept women will no longer be afraid of childbirth and will embrace it as the magical, life-changing event that it should be".

Gemma's experience

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