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About Confident Birth & Baby

Our Philosophy

We are confident that given the right information and knowledge and a new set of skills - formulated and delivered by talented instructors then you will benefit from a calmer and more relaxed pregnancy, birth and baby experience.


Our sole aim is to inspire and bring about confidence and introduce new skills for dealing with the birthing process which will lead to positive calm responses from your baby.

Our courses are designed to perfectly complement all of your standard NHS ante-natal classes, not replace them in any way.  You are encouraged strongly to do both and always take advise from your midwife.


“I cannot even begin to describe how well hypnobirthing worked for me.”  Anna W

"I have developed and only teach courses which are based both on sound anatomy & physiology and use proven complementary therapies in the field of pregnancy"

Donna - Confident Birth Course

Founder & Director

My Story
My Training

I have over 12 years experience and degree level qualifications in acupuncture specialising in supporting IVF and pregnancy health. I also teach reflexology for babies.  Combining this knowledge with a previous career/former life as an Emergency Ambulance Technician - and a few recent foundation degree modules in peri-natal health means I have acquired in-depth working knowledge of pregnancy, child-birth and the post natal period from the perspective of both Western and Eastern Medicine.


I was first interested in the power of hypno-birthing by witnessing how radically differently  hypno-birthing mums behaved whilst in labour. Generally I would describe these hypno-birthing mums as being "confidently quiet and totally calm"  It was enough to convince me to train as a hypno-birthing teacher.

On a personal note, my sister, after having a traumatic birth the first time around went on to have a perfect and fear free birth for her second child.  She also now teaches KGHypnobirthing.


I have combined all of my previous knowledge working with women during pregnancy in complementary therapies, teaching and my western medical background and this is what gives

Confident Birth & Baby Courses, the gold standard.  I will not compromise on quality - when it comes to course content, delivery and accreditation.  This is why I choose to teach the well-known and respected KGH programme and Baby Reflex course.



More than anything it truly is a privilege to meet and work with the next generation of mums and babies. Being able to help them, without being rushed, on their own unique path towards a confident birth and a relaxed relationship with their baby is indeed an honour and extremely rewarding - for us all.


KGHypnobirthing Teacher
course content accredited by Royal College of Midwives- RCM

Baby Reflex Instructor & Reflexologist

Acupuncturist (BAhons) Traditional Acupuncture


Foundation degree modules in;

Antenatal care, Postnatal care & Intrapartum care

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