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A complete ante-natal course

Unlike group courses, we will have plenty of time for personal questions on any aspect of your very special forthcoming event.

How long is the course?

The complete course is split over three sessions.

You can chose when to have these sessions*.

They can take place for example over three evenings, three mornings or three afternoons. Or a mixture of all three, whatever is most convenient to you.  They can be spaced out weekly, forthnightly or taken within the same week (even be on the same day - if that's all the free time you have!) Week days or weekends 

*depending on diary availability of tutor.

Where can I take the course?

You can chose either to come to Harbour House at Kingsbridge,

The Ockment Centre in Okehampton or have the course at your home.


Who is it for?

This course is suitable for all pregnant mums. Start whenever you wish. But earlier is better than later!

Whether you are a first-time pregnant woman not knowing what to expect or fearful of the birth experience. Or a mum with a less than ideal previous birth experience - hypnobirthing can make a difference.  It is also valuable  for women recommended to try a VBAC and who may be nervous of doing so or wish to give it the best possible chance of success.

IVF or other medical conditions? (under specialist care?)

This is the course for you. With the flexibility of a private bespoke course I am able to cover in detail how to apply the hypnobirthing techniques when medical induction is likely to be recommended for you and your baby due to age or a medical condition.

How will it help me?

Using our techniques you will become more relaxed (both during the pregnancy and labour), therefore reducing stress hormones and promoting the hormones needed to aid the physiological/natural process. It will reduce fears (if you have any) will alter your perception of pain and most likely reduce the likelihood of you feeling the need for medication. These techniques are suitable and can be used in ALL birth settings - home, hospital or midwife led-unit.

Abbie's experience

"Many of us have forgotten how natural childbirth is, hypnobirthing reminded me of this and taught me about how well designed we are for it. Hypnobirthing gave me the tools to approach childbirth without fear. The breathing and relaxation techniques kept me calm and gave me something to focus on in labour, so that surges (contractions) felt intense but not painful".

What is hypnobirthing? (in basic terms)

Our course teaches you methods to self-induce a state of deep relaxation, in this state your brain will naturally accept positive suggestions resulting in favourable behaviour differences. This is the basis of hypnotherapy. On our course, we will guide you and your partner on how to become receptive and provide all the materials you need to ensure these differences can happen.

Hypnotherapy cannot "make" you do anything you do not wish to do. 

How to book my bespoke dates

Contact me with an idea of when and where you would like your course and when would be a good time to call you.  I will get back to you with diary in hand and book you in on a provisional basis.

I will then send you an enrolment form with your personal course dates and with attached T's & C's. When I receive this form back along with payment your course dates will be confirmed.

Course Price

In your home: £295  (available from Exeter to Plymouth & between)

At Harbour House, Kingsbridge £365

The Ockment Centre, Okehampton £365


Easy payment options

Course payment may be made in one or in two installments.*

Two installments are £145 and £150 (home) £185 and £180 (venue)

*all courses have to be paid for in full before first session


Bespoke courses - designed to cover what is important to you

includes all course materials & tuition

Hypnobirthing book

Relaxation downloads

Personalised relaxation scripts

Choice of course formats & locations

Making it Bespoke

The course curriculum covers all aspects of hypnobirthing from how it works, why it works, what and when to practice and how to apply the techniques in labour. This course is also a FULL antenatal education.  If you have any particular concerns, questions or birth / baby related subjects that you would like particular emphasis on in your course, please ensure to write these on your enrolment form.

Involve your birth partner

Hypnobirthing is guaranteed to give your partner a more definitive role during the birth process. See what new dad Sam thought of it all.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you wish to/can only take the course on your own, then you really are most welcome to do so.

New Dad Sam
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